Imagine if you have spent a large part of your life feeling confused, mislead and just plain lost with the intent on finding your direction. During that time you are constantly desperate, constantly seeking validation & consistently seeking recognition for your efforts. Imagine if you have ventured out into various different areas of your career, pursuing your interests, working multiple jobs at a time and still coming home at the end of your 15 hour day, to focus on projects that might never ever come to fruition. Yet you stayed focused. You stayed positive. You saw your vision. You believed in your vision. You never ever even considered the idea of giving up. It eventually took a heart attack & open heart surgery to allow you to recognize, that each and everyone of those efforts were never futile. Each and everyone one of your adversities ended up strengthening you beyond your wildest comprehension. Every failed attempt at a friendship, relationship, career or intention was actually just a unexpected lesson you subconsciously learned. If all along that all of your physical & mental pain, uncertainty would all add up to being your life’s work, would you be okay with that? Obviously this is my life. My answer to that question is yes. There is much left to this story. Much more pain and uncertainty that I know is ahead of me, which means I have much more work to do. I love this life. I love this path. My path from the second I was born was to inspire, motivate and get the most out of life. This year has definitely shown me what I am capable of. Cannot wait for 2018. I hope nothing but the best for all of you to live your best life. We all deserve endless health and happiness. 

Mike Cohen