Failed Heart

Today's walk started off as any other walk. Same routine. Parked at Kate Sessions, facing downtown. I headed to the left from my Jeep and started my walk along the cement path around the park. I really wasn't feeling my battery vest, so I decided to hold both of my batteries in my hand and carry my Hydroflask in the other hand. When I got to the point in my walk, where the steep incline started. I was really struggling. I made it, but I had to sit down to catch my breath. It was just a very real, realization that I do have a weakened heart, that has had failure on 2 separate occasions. This has taught me to not push too hard. Scale back the intensity and take my time. I am not training. I am not preparing for anything competitive. If anything I'm preparing for another open heart surgery to replace this weakened heart. So much remains of my old, training mindset tendencies. Slow down Mike, it's okay. 



out of breath.. 



Mike Cohen