False Alarm

Last night, out of nowhere my evening nurse came in with a "hat". For those of you not versed in what a "hat" is, it's used to take a stool sample. The second she walked in, my intuition was a bit heightened. Why would they need a stool sample? I've been here for almost three full weeks and they haven't had any need for this test before. My doctors told us that a good sign of a possible transplant match, is when more tests or different tests would be performed.

 A couple minutes before during my walk, I noticed the surgeon who is the person who would be performing my heart transplant, was standing around the nurses' station. I've gone for a good amount of walks and definitely am able to recognize the staff on this floor. With all of these odd, definitely random things happening, I thought that tonight could've been the night. 

It wasn't. I never got any calls. No-one woke me up to bring me down to the operating room. Slept relatively well. Definitely a false alarm. 

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Taken on my evening stroll around the 4th floor. 

Mike Cohen