Mini War

My body is officially at a mini war with my new heart. With the blood infection that they found in my body post operation, they had to be cautious with treating the infection, since I already had a lowered/suppressed immune system (due to the anti rejection medications) and did what they can to prevent it from spreading further throughout my body.

Fast forward to yesterday’s right heart catheterization & heart biopsy, they found that my heart is a bit thick (a bit too much fluid) and on the biopsy showed that there is a bit of mild rejection. So they have to reset my immune system. They have to wait for the infection that came back, to disappear completely and start me on induction. Which is a very very slight form of chemotherapy that takes 3 days to complete to get me where they can give me the anti rejection medications without having to fight the blood infection as well.

So another 1-2 weeks here. It’s a major bummer. MAJOR. I received my medication training from the post transplant nurses and coordinators, it all seemed like the next step was just to get the catheterization and biopsy. I’ve had plenty of setbacks in my professional patient career, and so this comes as zero surprise. I’ve just been in the hospital for the past 6+ weeks and I am beyond overdue to enjoy a night of sleep in my bed and feel some what “normal”. I’ve officially been out of the hospital for a total of 50 minutes the past 6 weeks. I feel caged and just completely powerless. Which in reality, I am powerless. Just wearing out my patience and sanity. The good news is, I still have pretty decent WifI, good drugs for the pain and a chance to see what I look like with a semi full head of hair.

I may just write another manuscript while in here, why not eh?


doing whatever I can to get these lungs strong AF.

Mike Cohen