Next Three Days...

So at 2pm today, they will be performing another right heart catheter to confirm the pressure levels in my heart and simultaneously install a port in my neck for blood draws and a more stable IV spot (no more peripheral draws - physical pokes or needles 👍). 

Tomorrow morning is when they will start my immunotherapy (very very mild form of chemo (not the same intensity as cancer chemo - thank god), which is where they start me off in ICU for the first of three dosages/days (takes 12 hours each) . Then if I’m doing well, I will be able to return to the 4th floor and continue recovering from these therapies and my focus on being able to be discharged as soon as possible. 

The reason this all happened in the first place was that I was doing so well post op, that when I had the infection from the surgery, they had to treat the infection so it didn’t spread. With my immunity where it is, they can’t mess around with any infection spreading.  

I am completely optimistic in the next 3 days, I will be back on the 4th floor ASAP and will absolutely crush this process. It’s time for me to fully immerse my mindset that my health is literally the most important and highest priority in my life. My fun and ability to return to “life”, comes after my health is able to be consistent and in an positive trending direction. I have a new heart. A new chance to live. I won’t let an extra week in the hands and care of some of the best doctors in the world, discourage me and separate me from my biggest goals and my life’s dreams. Day by day.




sitting up first time after surgery...

Mike Cohen