Incredible Superhuman

Looking back with a bit of insomnia creeping, I look through old photos (check below the ones that stuck out most). I look to see what life was for me back then. I remember the time and place, SOMETIMES. I forget a lot of things. I blame it on the two and half years of chemo, as an eighteen year old. Also the medication used to keep the incredibly healthy heart, I received from an incredible superhuman. His name was James (I know I’ve mentioned it a few times previously... sorry!) . He was a LT in the Navy. He loved people. He was selfless. I get to continue my life with a legend’s heart? I get to continue pursuing my ultimate life goal, in inspiring others and helping people overcome anything, with a heart from a man who dedicated his life to protecting this country? A person like this I will never get to meet. But you all will get to meet me. You’ll see traits of him and traits of me. Together we will change the world. 

James - I can never be able to meet you. And that really bums me out. Thank you for my life



Flying to from Newark, NJ to Portland, OR (2014) 


Shooting photos on rainy day in La Jolla, CA (2018)


Lincoln (2018) 


showing off my LVAD to the doctor who saved my life. (2017)


When I reserved all of Anza Borrego Campground for our photo shoot ;) (2018)  

Mike Cohen