Snot Rockets

I wrote this title on Saturday (4/18) after a day of training on the bike in North County. I had just passed Leucadia and was in a zone. I looked at my Karoo and it showed I was at about an hour. I made a U-Turn at the next intersection and headed home. EN route, I had some nasal discomfort and went to empty each nostril. One of them ended up hanging out on my shoulder for the remaining of the ride. Yuck.

Training is going really well. I am now riding 5 days a week and feeling the strongest I have ever felt in my life. I am in need of more cycling jerseys and bibs, as well as cycling socks and base layers than I am of shorts and tee shirts that no longer fit. I’ve shrunk. This cycling and training thing is transforming me into the professional cyclist that I’ve always seen myself become. I’m beyond grateful and I feel really good.

I’m not getting as many photos on these rides as I’d prefer, but I know they’re coming. For now, I’ve been cycling in a pretty big track formation. It’s an hour ride loop. I think next time I’ll do 3.
Why not?

Mike Cohen