So the last few days have been going pretty incredible. It’s the final days at work before I leave for Jacksonville. It’s starting to place last minute orders for specific things we need for the ride. Starting to pack. Being lazy and waiting until Saturday and Sunday to get packing done. I am trying to be as organized as I possibly can be. Also, I’ve received interest from a very large media opportunity and I am in the process of fully soaking in the flattery and disbelief that my story has gotten to this level. People in very key positions, in very key companies are keeping an eye out on me and this ride. I fully understand the position of James’ family and I want this process to be as comfortable and easy as possible.

From my position, whatever I need to ensure the protection of his family, I will support and I will follow. I also plan on using this opportunity to move me in a position where I am impacting, inspiring and influencing people on a much larger, broader level. This is the level I am destined to be at. I plan on being as healthy and in incredible shape to continue creating amazing experiences, that I am now extremely fortunate to experience.

I’ve been given a second chance to continue my life’s work. This ride is merely the beginning, the next chapter. My next big step forward.