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Bleeding Distractions

I took a 3-hour nap today. It gave me a massive shot of energy. It was late in the day and my body really needed it. I really enjoy writing at night. Tonight it’s late night jazz. I’m focusing on the writing assignment given to me by my editor. She wants me to develop my list of scenes. It’s a bit chilly in here and I have one of my Patagonia vests on. I’m just really enjoying this evening. Out of nowhere, I touched my lip and it is just bleeding everywhere. I had got a cut on my lip a few days ago, that probably will take me weeks to heal. It’s just such a massive splash of cold water in the face. Reminding me always that my reality is always here. Sometimes it's refreshing. Sometimes it's just that tiny thing that gets under your skin. This case it's the lip. Blood everywhere. I have to make sure I clot it before I take my nightly blood thinner. Maybe I could just turn up the volume of the jazz and it’ll drown out the blood.